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The office will be closed Fridays. Appointments are carefully arranged on our daily schedule. Please plan to arrive a little early for each appointment, since we make a special effort to stay on schedule. Call if it is necessary to reschedule. Naturally missed appointments cause great inconvenience for everyone concerned. Frequency of appointments will vary according to the need but generally a month or longer between adjustments is adequate. Special appointments, which are a half an hour or longer, are given when lengthy procedures are anticipated. The length of the appointment varies considerably with each patient but during the first few months more time is required for visits, but some visits require no adjustments at all, just observation of progress. When the removable appliance becomes a retainer, visits are not required each month.

Please avoid ''drop-in'' visits as this imposes on other patients and disrupts our schedule.


156 Frankfort Street - Versailles KY 40383

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