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In an emergency, when the office is closed, the patient can control sticking or jabbing parts by covering with cotton or bees-wax. Also, a visit to your regular dentist might be helpful. Don't remove any part of the appliance unless absolutely essential. Don't try to remove loose brackets as usually they will stay in place by being held with the arch system. Call the office, not home, for an emergency appointment.

What to do if a Serious Accident Occurs

If the patient wearing appliances is involved in a serious accident and there is a damage to the braces, first get emergency care at the nearest hospital. The regular dentist should be called, as well as our office. Many patients in severe accidents will have broken teeth and sometimes a loss of tooth vitality, requiring endodontic treatment. Gross bending of the orthodontic appliance and displacement of teeth sometimes occurs. After the emergency treatment has been received and the patient can call our office for an appointment; further efforts will be coordinated with the regular dentist. However, many teeth, that have been displaced in accident, can be orthodonically repositioned successfully.

Swallowed Material

Dental materials, like amalgam scraps, lost inlays, bits of appliances, rubber bands and brackets, if swallowed accidentally will pass through the G.I. track. However, most patients quickly reject hard, loose objects in the mouth as sometimes found in food.

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