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General Considerations

There are no two orthodontic patients with exactly the same problem. Each problem must be analyzed and a course of treatment determined. At each visit, the necessary decisions will be made for continued progress. However, patient cooperation is absolutely essential. The patient cooperates by following instructions EXACTLY. When elastics (rubber bands) are used, they must be used all the time. Elastics are used to change bite relationship and effect changes in the basic jaw shape and alignment. Part time wear WILL NOT work. Twelve hours wearing, plus twelve hours not wearing, equal NO progress.

Cooperation is needed to maintain the health of the gingiva and tooth cleanliness. Proper brushing and the use of the Water-Pik up to ten minutes as often as possible is essential.

Cooperation is needed by the patient to protect the appliance from undue breakage and abuse from fingers, pencils, etc. Ice and hard candy must not be cracked as it will break the brackets. Food must be cut up extra small and chewing done lightly.

The patient is requested to keep regular check- up appointments with the family dentist.

The following pages will explain in more detail the three phases of orthodontic treatment in this office. A fixed bonded appliance is usually used during the first phase, a removable finishing appliance during the second phase and then a night retainer, which may be the same removable appliance, during the third phase.

Through the Course of the Treatment

During the course of treatment, teeth may assume temporarily unusual positions, developing space or other unsightly features. Please be assured that we are aware of these temporary conditions.

Most patients will experience gingival enlargement, which will usually recede after the appliance is removed. However gingival enlargement is aggravated by mouth breathing, the lack of massage with the tooth brush, plus certain drugs and pregnancy.

The chance of cavities can be greatly reduced by proper brushing, the use of the Water-Pik, a low sweet diet, use of a fluoride mouth rinse and fluoride tooth paste.

Some soreness and looseness of the teeth is present while the orthodontic appliances are worn. Chewing efficiency will be greatly reduced but by using soft foods and cutting meat into very small pieces most all food can be eaten. Don't chew gum or tobacco. For awhile some patients sound different when talking, especially with removable appliances.

Cost of Orthodontics

The cost of orthodontics varies with the treatment objectives and the particular needs of the patient. Full treatment with fixed appliances is generally more expensive than removable appliances. Orthodontic costs have not risen at the same rate as inflation. During the last twenty years the general economy has quadrupled while orthodontic fees have increased only half that rate.

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